Who We Are- Metrolink Logistics

Committed To Quality And Transparency

Goods transport in India has become more specialized than ever before. With technology changing the way business is done, we at Metrolink Logistics Pvt.Ltd. too have introduced new concepts and products for taking on the new challenges and demands and meeting the expectations of our customers. With the economy opening up, and foreign companies doing more business in India, Metrolink . is all geared up to meet new challenges.

The Company had a humble beginning before 18 years from a small transport, and has now transformed into a leading transport company in India. We endeavor to serve our customers with unparalleled speed, safety, and service, which is also the motto of our company. Once your shipment arrives at any of our terminals, it becomes our responsibility to deliver it to the destination within the guaranteed time.

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Our Mission

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To deliver high quality, reliable logistics solutions in a cost effective manner and ensure customer satisfaction at all costs and at all times.

Our Vision

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Our vision is to establish Metrolink as one of the most trusted partners for logistics and supply chain management in India through exceptional service and achieving customer delight.

Our Values

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We believe in keeping our promise made to the customer with better service and higher quality than our competitors through focusing on our client needs and maintain our credibility.

Why Metrolink Logistics?


We have a unique set of techniques to reduce the logistics and supply chain costs, thus enabling us to deliver the cost benefits to our customers.

Transit Time

Our dedicated staff enable us to reduce the transit time at various key locations, serving as a benchmark for the logistics industry in India.


We have strong risk management and safety parameters and guidelines in place which enable us to avoid any unforeseen situations.

Strongest Distribution Network

We have a strong distribution network throughout India that reach, distributing your products and delivering your services to clients cost and satisfaction.

Real Time Information

Our real time tracking systems enable us to respond to customers request faster, through integrated tracking system that provides visibility and improve our productivity.


We have earned the trust of our customers through fostering transparency in all our operations and we believe transparency in business can improve our relationship with our customers.