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In India, you would call one number, ensuring all of your transportation and distribution requirements are handled with the highest service level and at the best price with no problems, no worries. We are best at transport services of all the things, At Metrolink logistics Pvt. Ltd. family we are always stand behind all the promises, we do our best to satisfy our client earning reputation in the market for being a responsible and ethical carrier. If any mistake happens we correct them. It’s a matter of taking load and convenience Metrolink provide premium services at very best and competitive price in India. Merolink logistics have trained, safe and qualified drivers which gives you end to end efficiency. We provide 99% on time delivery. We have transit Practice and provide custom services and custom clearance, Road transport container for each destination. Our expert can manage all the transportation logistics with customized solution by engineering processes to fit your business. We are dedicated to framing a solid association with you. Our Van Division gives custom truckload shipping answers for organizations in a wide range of enterprises.

Full Truck Load (FTL) services is a strong hold of ours and forms part of the core offerings at the Metrolink , including end to end multimodal transportation with loading services catered through owned and hired fleet for bulk goods movement on a pan India basis. Options include customized or specialized fleet for meeting customers’ specific requirement. As a Full Truck Load service provider, we are able to assess your individual business needs to match with a carrier that can accommodate your shipment deadline in a most cost-effective way possible. In fact, shippers have to clearly understand the central and state laws and requirements at transit check points for seamless movement. This is ensured by us.

For transport economics and for passing on cost advantages to customers, the shipper also considers type of freight can be accommodated in same trailer/truck or whether it needs to be shipped separately in a different trailer/truck . The most important factor in logistics is truck freight transportation ensuring just in time approach or at least with reduced transit time. We understand the sensitivity of customers need and will take care by providing apt and relevant equipment for effective handling, besides arranging regulatory compliance for your valuable freight movement. Rest assured, you can leave the logistics worries to us and concentrate on your core competence/business.


With a vision of providing exceptional and good customer service in Pune, we started Metrolink before 16 years. Since then based on the requirement of the clients which we always came across we have been consistently evaluating our service in the transport sector. With the evaluation in the technology currently, we are working to deliver high quality and best transport service in Pune. Considering the new advanced technology we are taking on the new challenges and demands to meet the expectations of our customers. This is why customers choose the Metrolink for the best transport service.

We are committed to quality and transparency:

The best values to be inculcated in business are providing quality service and being committed towards the customers. Based on these qualities only Metrolink provides the best transport service in Pune.

Cost of Metrolink logistics’ services:

The transport industry has become wide due to the increasing demand and supply. Whenever the client has to choose the best transport service with all the other factors like reliability, quality and time of delivery the client also consists cost of the service in the selection criteria. In the Metrolink, we reduce the complexity in the service and thereby we have very affordable service for all our clients. We guarantee the best cost benefits the Metrolink customers which ultimately leads to us to provide the best transport service in Pune.

Transit time of Metrolink:

In the transport industry, time is the most important factor to provide the best customer service. Quicker is the delivery, happier are our customers hence we in Metrolinks have the most efficient and dedicated staff who makes sure reduce the transit time at various key locations. Metrolink works in a manner which makes us stand out from all other companies because of our quick transport.

Safety measures

Considering all the risk factors that might occur during the transport we at Metrolink have a risk management team with all the techniques prepared in case of an emergency. We at Metrolink take care of all the hazards that might occur because sometimes there are possibilities of an accidental situation happening at any point and so the best service should include all the risk factors.

Metrolink by now has the strongest distribution network:

This business is balanced on the factor of strong distribution which will meet the customer’s satisfaction by delivering your products before the expected time. Since we at Metrolink work for the customer satisfaction we have built a very strong distribution network for your service with the best of our liabilities.

Tracking our delivery:

In this excessively fast growing time, time is the most valuable thing so customers every time want to know the status of their delivery, which we provide here at Metrolinks. We make sure the customer is aware of the destination as well as the time which could take to deliver their product. These few factors which are the most important for any transport business makes the Metrolink to provide the best transport service in Pune.