Our Industries

We deliver customized solutions based on different industries & client specific needs.

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Logistic services for transporting vehicles from the manufacturers to the dealer or customer requires maximum safety and reliability standards along with adequate network. Our state of the art truck fleet ensures just that with optimal handling and transport of your vehicles.

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Logistics Company

The growth of your eCommerce business depends on how your customers experience the services with respect to speed and performance of your Logistics supplier. We understand your eCommerce logistics needs to deliver end to end solutions to manage your inventory and shipping on through our integrated services.

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Apparels & Lifestyle

Our specialist apparels and lifestyle transport solutions enable us to collect and deliver your clothing to your retail outlet or warehouse in the perfect condition that you expect. With us, you can be rest assured that your garments will be packed and stored in a professional manner to ensure they remain in perfect condition.

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Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

We offer a variety of services tailored specifically to the needs of the healthcare industry. We totally comply with the required healthcare quality standards and regulations in India, transporting raw materials to finished products in dedicated, climate-controlled storing facilities and transport networks throughout India.

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FMCG & Consumer Electronics

We offer competitive FMCG logistics services that cater to the changing needs of the retail market through unique cost effectiveness and fulfilling customer demands. We have the capability needed to manage high volume FMCG products and fast rotation with distributors to meet your growth objectives.

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Electrical Components

Transporting delicate and expensive electronics goods requires careful packaging and transportation, requiring strict quality and cleanliness standards. We have a proven track record of delivering electronics and technology related goods through our supply chain management and value added services.